DEFENSIVE TACTICS  lll                         3 DAYS                                                         $400.00                    

Course  Outline.

 Building Clearing Drills
Communication Verbal  & Non Verbal
Fire and Movement
Stoppage Drills/Immediate action drills.
Prone Fire.
Weak Hand engagement drills
Weak Hand Reloading.
Use of Cover.
Obstacle and Barricade Shooting.
Target assessment Drills/Lateral movement
Failure to Stop Drills.
Courses of Fire.
5-10-25 Yard Qualification.
Written Exam.


Successful completion of DFT 2 gets you to the graduate Course DFT 3.  Course is strenuous will focus on advanced tactics of combat shooting in a live fire exercise, and qualification.  A written exam for graduation and upon successful completion a diploma will be issued.

This is also a great refresher course for the experienced individual.