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Pistol-Rifle Fundamentals​  03/03/24

Every Man Has an ETHOS, whats YOURS       

                                                            Welcome to 68-C Training 

Here at 6-8C training has become a unique and challenging arena. 6-8C Training, we understand some of the challenges in your career that you may have faced. We offer Training in many areas, so our clients can and will have a better understanding of safety and weapons instruction tailored to there needs. We offer Civilian Courses in firearms  instruction in several NRA discipline’s from Beginner through Intermediate to Professional.
6-8C Training, was also designed for the Security Officer, Law Enforcement Officer and Private Contractor and Personal Home Protection. Being "tactically, proficient" in any encounter will keep you alive, MOVE to LIVE."
Our motto is "Each Individual Has an Ethos, WHATS YOURS"