Course  Outline

Individual  Skills enhancement
Communication Verbal  & Non Verbal
Fire Placement
Fire and Movement
Building clearing  Dynamic/Concealed
Immediate Action drills for team.
Evac Drills for down teammate.
Low Light techniques
Transition Drills Rifle and Pistol
Weapons Retention.
Deployment drills from vehicle.
Anti-Ambush Drills for vehicle.

Course Requirements:

Sidearm and full duty gear.
Rifle or shotgun with sling.
3 magazines minimum each.
Ammunition-500 rounds pistol and 400rounds rifle.
Body Armor/handcuffs/flashlights.
Clear eye protection and ear protection.
Notebook and Pen.


2 Days                                  COST  $ 650

 This course was designed for two man operations.  You may be a security or Law Enforcement, Executive Protection Specialist or a Private Contractor. Most common size elements are two man teams.  Operational thought and tactical movement needs to be employed to maximize the efficiency of this small unit team’s operational skill.

This training is essential for all personnel work with a partner or multiple. Two Man Team Tactics can and will be very demanding and fast paced training course that will focus on all your training put into operational focus. Operated together as a team to locate, close with the threat and neutralize it.e your paragraph here.

           Two Man Team Tactics