Handgun/Shotgun Course

Course  Outline

Individual  Skills enhancement
Tactical Presentation
Communication Verbal  & Non Verbal
Stationary Turn
Fire and Movement
Use of Cover.
Tactical Reloading
Kneeling fire.
Prone fire
Immediate Action drills for team.
Low Light techniques.
3-5-20 Yard Qualification.

Course Requirements:

Primary Sidearm, 3 magazines minimum.

Of duty or training handgun ammunition.

 Belt Holster with thumb strap (Mandatory)
 Security or Tactical Shotgun with sling (50 rounds 12 gauges slugs, 50 buck shots; 100 bird shot (#6, #   #7 ½, #8 or #9
Long sleeve shirt &Long Pants (BDU style). Boots, Brimmed hat, Elbow  & Knee Pads;
Clear eye protection and ear protection.
Notebook and Pen
Camel back Hydration system or water supply
Power bars/Trail Mix 

 5 Days                                                                         COST  $ 600

This course is designed for students to demonstrate their proficiency in lateral movement while operating their specific hand gun and shotgun weapons system and to fire accurately. Students must demonstrate weapons handling, lateral movement, hitting all targets with 100% accuracy and 360 degree scan.
This school compresses the handgun school to 3 days and adds 2 days of shotgun training. Student classroom presentations are with shotgun marksmanship and handling classroom presentations and range work. Shotgun drills include firing from cover, use of kneeling and prone positions, moving targets, malfunction clearing, firing on the move, and transitioning to the handgun. In addition to the above mentioned required equipment.

Students are expected to have a better than average ability to manipulate their assigned weapons in a safe manner. Live fire exercises are for the purpose of developing the ability to recognize and correct shooting deficiencies.

This is not a beginner course. This course will cover different survival shooting techniques.

Only approved firearms will be allowed at the range. Firearms will be inspected by the RangeMaster.

The shotgun and buckshot must be capable of shooting a group no larger than 18 inches at 15 yards in order to pass the course.

Rifled shotgun barrels are inappropriate for this school and are not allowed.