Course  Outline

Organization of a Protective Detail.
Advance Work/Knowing your threat.
Surveillance and Counter Surveillance.
Embuss/Debuss Procedures.
Walking Drills.
Close Protection Drills.
Estate/Compound/Office Security.
Travel Security.
Motorcade Operations.
Vehicle Drills/Anti Ambush Drills.
Immediate Action /Counter ambush drills.
Evac Drill.
Low Light technique.
Deployment drills from vehicle.
Building clearing/Explosive Device Recognition.
Final Training Exercise.

Course Requirements:

Sidearm and Holster.
Rifle or shotgun with sling.
3 magazines minimum each.
Ammunition-600 rounds pistol and 500rounds rifle.
BDU’s or Jeans and or other normal dress for the range.
Concealment Garment
Concealment Holster(recommended)
Clear eye protection and ear protection.
Notebook and Pen
One suit and tie or sports coast & slacks with tie for (FTX)

                                                                                PSD/VIP Protection

6 Days                                                          COST  $ 850

 This course was designed for High level threats against individuals that are designated as a target.   Stalking, Workplace violence, and kidnapping all fall within the area of a PSD agent.  These highly trained operators provide an effective barrier of safety for the principal and his family. In extreme circumstances provide a shield against a direct attack. You may be a security or Law Enforcement, Executive Protection Specialist or a Private Contractor. Every day from low level escorts of couriers, to high profile protective details.  Training by Six8consultants TTEFS will be tailored for your team, or the individual.  Six8Consultants TTEFS PSD Instructor is a seasoned operator with many years of experience and has served with many special operations commands, and currently lends his experience to TTEFS. Agent White has trained Military contractors, Navy Seals, Army Delta, Marine Force Recon, and SWAT Officers here and abroad. Operational thought and tactical movement skills will be applied for each operator to ensure maxim efficiency of this team’s operational PSD mission.

This training is essential for all personnel working with a team. PSD training can and will be very demanding and fast paced training course that will apply all your acquired training into operational focus. your paragraph here.