The MOAB Public Safety Officer basic certification courses focus on the proper use of body language signals and verbalization skills to reduce anxiety and de-escalate situations before they turn violent and physical.

MOAB Public Safety Basic Training (INTRO) 4 Hours

  • Stages of conflict
  • Managing conflict
  • Body language
  • Personal space
  • Reaction zone
  • Cornering
  • Listening
  • Mental conditioning

The physical application depends on what you want to apply for your staff.        

  • Controlling and Restraining Aggressive Behaviors (4 hours)
  • Strategies for Managing Physical Confrontations. (4 Hours)

 One Day course. (8 hrs)

MOAB Introduction with Strategies for Managing Physical Confrontations BASIC course (part one + part three)  Call for pricing

 One Day course. (8 hrs)
 MOAB Introduction with Controlling and Restraining Aggressive Behaviors BASIC course (part one + part two) Call for pricingf

MOAB 2-Day BASIC course (part one + part two + part three) Call for pricing

  • This covers MOAB Intro and Controlling Aggressive Behaviors and Managing Physical Confrontations.