UTAH Concealed Carry (CCW) 

Type 1 Days                                             COST $ 200

Course was designed for the UTAH CCW applicant, and introduces the applicant to the laws and regulations per the State of Utah Title 53, Chapter 5, part 7 and Title 76, Chapter  2, part 4, Title 76, Chapter 10, part 5, in what is required in the carrying of a Concealed weapon per the STATE of UTAH.

• Class takes between approx. 3.5-4 hours depending on number of questions and class size.  Range time is 4 hours

Application and permit processing Non Residents: $47.00 for non-residents must be included with your application. This fee consists of $33.25 for non-residents for application and permit processing and $14.75 charged by the FBI to process your fingerprint cards. Please make checks and money orders payable to the “Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.”

Fundamental are taught

Sight alignment sight picture.
Grip and stance.
Incorporating speed.

Accuracy of shooting. your paragraph here.

Course  Outline

Individual  Skills enhancement
Tactical Presentation
Communication Verbal  & Non Verbal
Stationary Turn
Fire and Movement
Use of Cover.
Tactical Reloading
Kneeling fire
Prone fire.
Seated fire.
Immediate Action drills
Low Light techniques.
3-5-20 Yard Qualification.

Course Requirements:

Primary Sidearm.

(50 practice 50 qualify) rounds ammunition.

Belt Holster with thumb strap (Mandatory)
3 magazines minimum each.
Body Armor/flashlight.
Clear eye protection and ear protection.
Notebook and Pen
Camel back Hydration or water supply.
Long sleeve shirt & Long Sleeve pants (BDU style), Boots Brimmed hat, Elbow & Knee Pads.
Power Bars/Trail Mix